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Workshops and courses introducing you to the medicinal plants growing in Ibiza

Our aim is to connect you to the medicine and the nutrition of the plants growing on the island. At Camino Verde we run courses and workshops to help you identify medicinal and edible plants, and learn how to use them to make simple home remedies for healing your self and your family. Through this learning, we reconnect to the ancestral knowledge of our local plants that we all once carried. We reconnect to ourselves. We reconnect to the land.


This is the path of folk herbalism – getting to know the plants growing around us, developing a relationship with them, and learning their effects through our own direct experience. As we go deeper, the plants can become our friends and teachers, and guide us on our soul's path.

Our workshops are all about entering into relationship with the plants around us, enabling you to take the first steps on the green path of plants.

What we offer

medicinal edible plant foraging walk Ibiza

Plant walks and foraging

Walks to discover the medicinal and edible plants of the island. The walks take place in various unspoilt natural parts of Ibiza where we spend time identifying different plants and learning how to use them. After the walk you will be sent a list of the plants we've found and their uses, so you can continue your journey with the plants with confidence.

'I really enjoyed the walk. I thought you had a great way of sharing your vast knowledge in bite-sized chunks. It was joyful to be part of it.'

Forest bathing

This could be described as 'taking in the forest atmosphere'.Through simple exercises to open your senses you will be guided into a state of mindful presence. We will then walk gently through the forest, with one or two exercises to help us connect deeply with our surroundings. You will experience a profound connection to Nature and the energy of inland Ibiza.

forest bathing Ibiza

Medicine making workshops

herbal medicine workshop Ibiza

Various workshops to learn how to use local plants to make simple home remedies, as our ancestors would have done. Learn about the medicines of the island. Workshops in:

  • Creams and lotions - herbs for natural skin care

  • Tonics and elixirs - herbs for winter wellness

  • Bitters, syrups and hierbas - herbs for digestion

  • Tinctures and teas - herbs for relaxation and sleep

  • Vinegars and spring tonics - herbs for cleansing and strengthening

  • Fermentation - from simple sauerkraut to wild foraged fermented drinks

  • Plant spirit connection - meeting plants on a deeper level

'Thank you Tim for a great winter wellness workshop today. We really enjoyed it and came away with lots of knowledge on the effects of herbs on our health. Would definitely recommend it and will be coming to more of them. Thanks, Sam'

For more details go to Walks and Workshops

Please ask if there´s a workshop that interests you that isn´t scheduled and we´ll make it happen!

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