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About Camino Verde Ibiza


Through almost all of human history, when we were our of balance or ill we used local plants to help us move back into health and equilibrium. Working with plants like this empowers us to take charge of our health and be responsible for our own healing. It is also profoundly satisfying. 

The workshops offered at Camino Verde introduce us to this path of healing with plants, a path which we can follow as deeply as we feel called, from supporting our physical health to deep healing of the spirit and guidance on our life path. They also connect us to the old ways of our ancestors and teach us how to be in control of our own health and life path.


About me

With a background in teaching and bodywork, I became interested in growing my own food and permaculture about 15 years ago. I couldn't help noticing how plants in the woods grew so well while I was struggling to get my seedlings to survive. So, learning about those plants in the woods, especially if they were edible or medicinal, seemed a logical next step. I also started to become interested in shamanism as an indigenous healing modality, and so I began working more deeply with plants on an energetic/spiritual level. This led to a 3 year apprenticeship in Ireland with the herbalist and plant shaman Carole Guyette. Her approach is a combination of practical herbalism with a shamanic connection to the spirit of the plants, as indigenous healers around the world practice and I believe as our ancestors would have done. This is now the main focus of my work: sharing the deep connection with the plant world that we all once carried, so that we can live in this way again. When we recover this reverence for the Earth our culture will once more be in harmony with nature.

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